10 daily rituals that can bring parents and kids closer



We all look forward as parents to creating a strong and healthy relationship, full of trust and respect with our children, which is reflected in an increase in the family bonding.

But parents may ignore or forget some things that should be a ritual in their relationship with their children.

Perhaps, due to the pressures of life and busyness at work, or other repeated life details that most of us live by.

In this article, we’ve listed 10 rituals that parents must maintain with their children to increase family cohesion.

1. Pay attention to the little things

Parents are often busy planning the big moments for their children, but they forget the small daily activities in which their little ones achieve small, but big and important achievements for them, so take care of celebrating the first kick of the ball, or the first drawing to out on the wall and so on, these things will help strengthen the relationship with them.

2. Eat meals together

Set a rule for breakfast and dinner together as a family everyday, try to maintain it and do not allow it to be disturbed. It brings the family closer together so keep it.

3. Discuss daily events

While eating, discuss your day, ask your children about their day, also share what you did during the day with them, this can help reduce communication gaps.

4. Play with them

Even if it’s 15 minutes, make time in your schedule to play with your child or watch his or her favorite cartoon.

5. Read to them

Make it a habit to read a story to your child before bed, this will also increase their interest in reading.

6. Greet each other

Greeting is one of the basic daily rituals that we all follow with strangers, but often forget at home, practicing this at home can bring smile to your child’s face, and also inculcate good manners.

7. Involve them in household chores

Assign household tasks to your children by age to spend more time with them, and it will also help them learn basic life skills.

8. Help them finish their homework

Help your child finish his school work, pay attention to what he does and ask what he does during the day.

9. Walking session

After dinner, go for a small outing for a walk with your children, and this will strengthen the family ties between you two.

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