4 things in a relationship that must be kept a secret



There are certain parts of a relationship that shouldn’t be discussed with anyone besides your partner.

Intimate relationships are special because of the intimacy – a physical and emotional connection shared by two people, not three and certainly not any number of people.

We have all been part of an intimate relationship discussion with our friends or people we trust before.

However, it is important to note that not everything that happens in your relationship that must be shared with these groups of people. Rather share them with your partner.

Also, consider how you would feel if your partner discussed private, intimate matters with someone else.

Below are some things to always keep private within a relationship:

1. Sex-related issues

Discussing anything relating to sex (how often you do (or don’t) have sex, any sexual fantasies, problems in the bedroom) with your friends or a third party should be totally avoided.

Engaging in conversation with someone else about your sexual experiences robs the relationship of its intimacy. No matter how big or small such details may be, conversing with anyone else about sex-related topics besides your partner is an act of disrespect.

2. Financial issues

It is important to understand that financial troubles within a relationship are very common. As much stress that money-related issues may induce, they are solvable given the necessary knowledge.

Refrain from discussing the money problems that are nobody else’s business. They might end up discussing with others. If a prompt resolution is essential, seek the advice of a financial adviser.

3. Flaws

It is highly rude of you to discuss your partner’s flaws with your friends or other people. When a man is made to feel less like a man, or when a woman is made to feel less like a woman, they’re deeply hurt and relationship problems can escalate quickly. None of us is perfect, and being part of a relationship does nothing to change this universal fact.

4. Fights or heated arguments

Aside from altercations that involve physical or emotional abuse, relationship “fights” shouldn’t be discussed with others. Instead, discuss it with your partner when you both are calm and look for a solution.

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