Pearl Modiadie on her postpartum body – “It took a whole year”




Pearl Modiadie has taken to her social media to reveal that she has finally achieved her postpartum body.

The star reveals that it came with a whole lot of stress saying it took a whole year.

In May, Pearl got fans’ jaws dropping with photos of herself rocking bikini for the first time since the delivery of her baby.

Well, the actress is excited to be back saying it feels incredible.

“It took a whole year, but I’m so happy to be back to my pre-baby weight! It feels incredible.”

Pearl also went ahead t tease she can finally apply for the post of a hostess/bottle service lady at Ayepyep.

This is coming after the club shared the list of requirement made by the club for hostesses and Bottle girls which got everyone talking.

Pearl said: “Now I can finally apply to be a hostess/bottle service lady at Ayepyep” 

See tweet below:

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