5 ways to avoid getting stained during menstruation



Almost every woman fears getting stained during her menstrual period.

Imagine getting stained by menstrual blood at work, school, or staining someone’s couch or car seat?

Well, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Here are five ways to ensure you never get stained.

Sometimes the issue stems from not using period-friendly underwear. Do not use net pants or G-strings for your period. Get sturdy pants that can hold your sanitary pads or products and not shift to one side.

There will be times when the only thing stopping you from getting stained would be the shorts you have on. So, wear shorts for extra protection.

Keep track of your period to avoid unwanted surprises and have your sanitary product handy. This also prevents getting stained if your period creeps up on you.

Some people start wearing their sanitary pads days before their period arrive to avoid getting stained.

One sanitary pad for an entire day? No, that is really unhygienic. Even if you do not have a heavy flow. It is especially important to change your sanitary pad and wash your private area before you go to bed.

Plus, always check your sanitary pad at intervals to avoid getting stained, so you can it if it looks full already.

It is not when you feel your period coming or when it has arrived already that you suddenly become inspired to wear white, pink, blue, cream and colours that easily get stained.

Do yourself good and wear dark colours.

Lastly, the way you dispose of your pad is very important. Please do not flush it down the toilet or store it inside your closet for fear of witches. Wrap it in a plastic bag and dispose of it neatly.