5 zodiac signs who secretly despise people



Those who are insecure about their appearance, personality and capabilities often end up despising other people.

Hard feelings of jealousy, bitterness and envy arise which can eventually make them spiral out of control. Such negative feelings control a person’s conscience and make them feel terrible.

Of course, such a person wouldn’t want to openly hate others and so, they make sure no one gets to know how much they despise others.

Astrology has a very effective way of determining your personality’s characteristics by analysing them with the twelve zodiac signs.

To help you identify, here are the top zodiac signs who secretly despise people.

1. Aries

They are fierce and impulsive and this portrays very negatively in their case, as Aries don’t think twice before hating a person. They will hate people for the slightest mistake and will make sure to blast them by yelling and torturing them with their words.

2. Scorpio

They are mysterious and manipulative. Scorpios will use their anger to plan revenge on the ones they despise. They will secretly do all this because they don’t like to cause much uproar, rather they like to watch their enemies suffer, behind the curtains.

3. Sagittarius

When they hate somebody, they will not do anything to hurt them. Instead, Sagittarians will instantly ghost the person and disappear from their lives. They are very good at hiding their feelings. So, they might show that it doesn’t affect them but in all honesty, they still despise that person very much.

4. Leo

When they get upset or angry with someone, they shower all the hate on the person. They will mentally torture the person because Leos can’t handle being betrayed or hurt. They can get extremely insensitive with their words but still, they’ll choose to suppress at least some of it so that they can secretly hate them.

5. Libra

They are very subtle while expressing their hate for someone. They may absolutely despise the person but Librans will portray a very sweet and nice exterior. They have a superiority complex and believe they are always right, even when they’ve made a grave mistake.

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