3 simple skincare routines for men



Men don’t have the time of taking care of their skin, or to state it properly, they don’t see the need.

The only time they put in effort to apply lotion properly is during the harmattan season.

Imagine not applying lotion properly until December! Strange right?

If you want to have every lady drool over your skin not just during harmattan but throughout the year, here are 3 simple Skincare routines to Incorporate.

1. Use a moisturizing soap or shower gel

Many men don’t care about the soap they use, we can use laundry soap for all we know.

This is why when you use a good moisturizing soap, the evidence is clear. You would stand out from the rest of those that use just any kind of soap.

A good moisturizing soap allows moisture to penetrate your skin making it soft and relaxed.

2. Use a moisturizing lotion

There was a rumor going around sometime ago. People were saying men don’t apply cream, they just step out of the shower and into their clothes.

I can confidently tell you that the rumor is false. Men apply cream, in fact they apply it frequently, they just don’t apply it properly.

A good moisturizing lotion helps your skin glow. It keeps your skin hydrated so you don’t have dry and rough patches, it smooths your skin and then gives you a nice scent. Get yourself one.

3. Maintain good hygiene

This part is pretty easy. Change your bedsheets and pillowcases regularly, wear clean clothes and of course, wear clean underwear.

You don’t want germs and dirt circulating all over your moisturized skin.

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