Lamiez Holworthy saves lady with botched tattoo



Lamiez Holworthy has offered a helping hand to a lady who has in the case of ‘what I ordered versus what I got’.

The social media user was all over the internet after she had her worst nightmare.

The young lady had gone to a tattoo artist who promised to give her a beautiful red ink butterfly on her neck, but she went home with what looked like a scar.

Lamiez was among the many South African’s to come across the post and decided to offer the lady a free session with her artist to fix the mess.

The star is well-known for her ink.

The DJ prides herself on the collection of art she has gathered on her skin, so much so that she hosted a feature called Tattoed Tuesdays on Metro FM.

While many cackled at her pain, Lamiez chose to cry with her.

See post below:



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