Try faux locs in these 5 colours



Faux Locs are in right now, and why won’t they be? They are fresh and last for a long time before they get old, and are quite bohemian and chic.

Try these colours of locs to spice up your look;

You are still playing it safe with this colour, but it is a needed break from the usual colour – black. They are also great if you are dark-skinned.

Blue locs are a refreshing and calm colour you should try on. They also look great if you are dark-skinned.

Blonde locs are sexy, hot and sultry. They make you feel quite powerful.

Redheads say they have more fun. Why don’t you try steaming red locs? They look great!

These are for the more conservative people or people whose jobs do not allow them to look as creative as they would want to.

So, take a break from boring colours and try faux locs in these colours.

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