Here’s what makes weird fashion popular



When a new fashion or beauty trend starts, it is rejected by most people. Most people see it as weird, strange and think “why do people do that?”.

Here are some trends that feel weird right now;

Maison Margiela’s camel toe boots, Kanye West’s Yeezys, Distressed jeans and leggings, thigh-high denim boots and people dying their hair in different colours.

Sometimes fashion is disruptive, not necessarily outrageous, and it is from this disruption that innovation comes from.

When Yeezys were launched, it looked like intergalactic space wear or the shoes worn by warriors in the old Roman Empire, but after a while, it became accepted.

There was a time when wearing ripped jeans made you look like a crazy person, but slowly it was taken to be normal, well not by everyone, but you get it.

Once you first saw someone dye their hair grey or green, you might have shuddered and wondered what exactly was wrong with them.

This is because we cannot live in a perpetual state of shock, after seeing it repeatedly, we start to accept it and might even attempt to try it.

Of course, some people might still hate it but just become less offended by it.

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