5 essential items for a frontal wig installation



Frontal wigs are trendy right now because they stay in one place and do not move around like closure wigs. Plus, if well done, they look just like a person’s natural hair.

The major issue most people have is installing their wigs properly. What differentiates a well-laid wig from one that looks tacky is all about product and skill.

Below are 5 essential items you need for a frontal wig installation.

To apply the frontal wigs on your head, you need a good glue that will not damage your hair. The most popular is the got2b glue which helps to keep your frontal wigs in place.

Hair wax helps to lay your edges properly. Edge control is similar to hair wax. It styles your baby hair.

All that frontal hair needs to be styled by a good rat tail comb.

You need a ceramic press comb to have a very nice parting.

Before you apply the glue to your hair, your skin has to be cleaned and protected.

Other things you need is a wig cap, some scissors, foundation to blend the lace to your skin complexion, freeze spray to melt the lace and some tweezers.