Ambitiouz Entertainment hypes Emtee’s “Avery” album


Ambitiouz Entertainment takes to Twitter to hype their former signee, Emtee’s album, Avery.

It’s without doubt that the rapper did amazing works with the label, but their relationship came to an end and things got messy between them.

There’s been recent talks about saving the hip hop culture of South Africa, as some rappers have drifted into other genre, while a few others are dropping songs with no hit.

Well, AE decide to hype the classic project Emtee released while he was their signee.

“6 years later and Avery is Trending to come back and save SA Hip Hop,” AE says.

This statement didn’t sit well with followers, as some dragged the label for ill-treating the Trap king, while others mocked them for not having a hit project ever since Avery got released.

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