Why women get confused and how men choose a wife



Let me rephrase that, a long time ago, our ancestors had only very few options.

Fast forward to today, we live in a different world. With the snap of our fingers, we could have a barrage of options at our feet. We can travel by airplanes, cars, ships, boats, and so on.

We can have noodles for lunch, rice for supper and bread for breakfast. For drinks, we have different brands of bottled water, and hundreds of soda drinks to choose from.  It’s indeed a great time to be alive.

Sadly, we implement this abundance of choices in our relationships. Rather than stick with one partner, we date several of them as an insurance policy. If David messes up, Raphael will be there. If Sarah messes up, Esther will be here.

This might seem like a good idea but in the end, having multiple partners affects women the most.

When women have too many partners, they get confused because these men have different characteristics. David is richer than Tom but Tom is more handsome. Charles isn’t romantic but he has a British passport.

James on the other hand is romantic and handsome but he’s poorer than a church rat and then there’s Raphael, extremely good in bed, lavish in spending but he’s a serial cheater. I forgot to add that Tom is a Muslim, Charles is catholic, David doesn’t go to church and James is a Pentecostal man.

Now the woman is utterly discombobulated. So what does she do? She runs to her pastors. Pastor A tells her she would marry Charles, Pastor B says it’s Raphael, and the prophet says it’s James.

This adds to her confusion so what does she do? She visits an Imam. Imam says it’s Tom, but of course Tom is a Muslim so he’d say it’s Tom. She tries another Imam, this time they tell her that she’ll marry the 3rd person she’s dating.

She starts to calculate, who’s the 3rd? Is it the third person to ask her out or the 3rd person she said yes too or the 3rd person on her list?

This cycle goes on and on till she says yes to anybody who proposes, be it Tom, James, Charles, anyone, she doesn’t care.

Men on the other hand have the luxury of choosing. Men are the ones who propose, they’re the ones who ultimately decide who they get married to. And so men have a filter. They may have several partners, but in the end, they use this filter to select who they propose to.

What’s this filter? It’s simple. Men pick a wife based on three criteria

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Chemistry & Compatibility

The man thinks to himself, does this woman respect me? Is she rude to me and my friends? Is she rude to my family?

Then he asks, can I trust her? Will she cheat on me? Can she handle financial decisions in the home? Can I trust her judgement?

And finally, he asks, am I free with her and is she free with me? Does she get my jokes? Do we have the same values? Do we have the same idea about money? Do we have incredible sex?

If a woman ticks all the boxes or at least most of the boxes, then ladies and gentlemen, the man has found his wife.

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