Makwa – Quitting lean was not easy



South African music producer, Makwa urges fans to stay away from lean after he overcame his addiction for it.

Taking to social media, the producer narrated how he became an addict, but eventually escaped being caged as an addict forever.

“Quitting lean ain’t child’s play. But I’m glad I’m off it and eat a lot now,” he tweeted.

On Monday, Makwa further explains the side effect of taking lean and how it’s of great disadvantage to the health.

“First sign of stopping lean is a runny tummy. Codeine constipates your intestines. Don’t worry, let the tummy run to drain the lean. Just drink lots of water. Also remember it has too much sugar so diabetes might come knocking in,” he warned.

“When you don’t have it, you’ll be mad and when you get it, you’ll be happy and that’s f**cked up,” he added.

Lean is a product of codeine and soda.

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