Here’s why women are more prone to arthritis



It is an astonishing fact that due to the factors like sedentary lifestyle and food habits, one in five or four women are suffering from this ailment.

The term arthritis defines a condition that causes inflammation and severe pain in the joints. There are more than 100 various types of arthritis, each with different risk factors and symptoms.

In most cases, women get arthritis in the joints of the hands and knees. Considering the physical activities of women, and the hormonal changes to accommodate childbirth, the females are more elastic and prone to injuries.

Besides, the wider hips affect the knee’s alignment putting pressure on the joints, which makes them prone to arthritis.

The other major reason causing arthritis is obesity. Excess weight puts pressure on the joints leading to the risk of arthritis.

In some cases, the family history could also be the reason behind getting diagnosed with arthritis. A woman whose mother or father had or has this ailment, is likely to develop arthritis pain at a similar age and similar joints.   

What actually happens in knee arthritis?

The knee joint surfaces (where the bones touch each other) are covered with cartilage (soft cushion) which acts as a shock absorber and also reduces friction. Cartilage performs a function similar to the rubber on your car tyre, only it is alive and provides a much better low friction articulation. In patients with arthritis, this cartilage thins out or is completely lost. This can be appreciated on x-ray as a loss of gap between the bone surfaces. The increased friction in the absence of cartilage generates debris, which sets off an inflammatory reaction. This causes pain, swelling, immobility, and further joint destruction.

How can it be treated or cured?

If you are suffering from knee arthritis experiencing the initial stage of this ailment, then better not ignore it. Add healthy ingredients to your diet & do regular exercises. A healthy diet consisting of higher antioxidants, green leafy vegetables, and the consumption of protein can help prevent arthritis pain. While, the workout by practicing cycling, skipping, jogging, swimming, and Yoga will keep you at bay from arthritis ailments. In the advanced stage of arthritis Total knee replacement gives good pain relief and return to near-normal activities.

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