6 ways to be more involved in your teen’s life



When your child turns into a teenager, they’ll probably become more distant, may start keeping secrets from you and develop a rebellious nature.

However, this is not the time to take things personally, rather you must look for ways to build your bond and make yourself more approachable.

A teen’s life is full of conflicts, excitement, fear, indecisiveness and much more.

They go through a whirlpool of emotions during this time, which is why you must showcase yourself as a friend rather than a foe.

That said, here are some ways you can be more involved in your teenager’s life.

1. Be a good listener

It is important that you lend an ear to your teen, especially when they have a lot to say to you. Do not interrupt them, give them advice, criticise or even judge. Given that a teen’s life is full of crisis, from dealing with the bully at school to worrying about what adulthood would look like, they have a lot to battle, mentally. That said, if they come to you, listen to them whole-heartedly. Guide them only when they ask for it.

2. Respect their privacy

As your child grows up into a beautiful teen, you must give them sufficient space to function. Set clear boundaries and make sure you’re not the one to disrupt them. Allow your child to have some private time, let them make certain decisions on their own and respect their choices. While you can continue monitoring their physical, mental and social movements, they must not feel as though they’re under surveillance.

3. Patience is of utmost importance

Be patient with your teen. They’ll take time to open up to you and discuss the things happening in their life. That said, do not compel them to tell you how their day was at school. Let them make that decision. If they’re making constant mistakes, do not push them harder. Rather allow them to settle in and realise it for themselves.

4. Be less critical, more helpful

Parents tend to become critical of their children, especially when they start demanding more freedom, making more mistakes, and becoming more opinionated. But until and unless they’re treading on the wrong path, let them take charge of their lives. Do not be critical if they’re wrong. Rather help them out and guide them towards what’s right. Doing so will make them understand that you’re only trying to help.

5. Never judge them for their choices

While you have developed the strength to let them make their own decisions, be able enough to not judge them for the choices they make. Be reasonable for them, but do not nag or mock them for what they did wrong. Be helpful, be kind and offer as much help as you can.

6. Place trust in them

Since you’d want your child to trust you, they’d want the same from you. Trust is the first step to building a strong relationship. It is what helps you develop a long lasting bond. Until and unless you trust your teen enough, you’re less likely to allow them to make decisions, which in turn will make them despise you even more.

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