Katlego Maboe’s friend shares shocking revelation



Katlego Maboe’s friend has shared one or two about the ongoing battle.

This is coming after his Katlego’s former wife exposed him of his infidelity in their marriage which he confirmed on social media.

Taking to Twitter, the man with Twitter handle @MximYese gave some more shocking details and also bit of context as to what extent does he and Katlego know each other.

The user claimed that they have been close friends since the start of his Expresso days and never lost contact till this day.

He says he was the sports producer for the SABC 3 morning show, and their shared love for sports, brought them closer.

“I am one of Katlego’s closest friends. Have lived with him. Travelled with him. I was in Ukraine on the night where his infidelity occurred. I was there when his relationship started. Katlego & I have been friends since our days at @expressoshow, I was the Sports Producer at the time. We shared a love for football & FIFA. We started living together in 2012 & after a couple of years which included a Eurotrip, I moved to JHB. We always stayed in contact.”

“By the time Kat met his former partner, I was back in Cape Town & he was incredibly excited about it. As his friend, I was excited for him too. It was not long before we were all hanging out & partying together as we do… many of us as his friends could see the writing on the wall. So when we were told he was expecting his first child, we were not shocked. Nor were we happy for him. Which is sad to admit.”

He continues by saying he and Katlego conversed less because he had fears that them talking to each other would start a ruckus at home.

When they did meet up, he was not at ease at all, “On one occasion he did reach out & we went to Hudsons in Parkhurst. I remember watching him looking over his shoulder at the time. And when I asked him why, he showed me the text messages. His partner was threatening to fly over to JHB & show up where he was. I tried to tell him that it wasn’t possible. The fear he felt didn’t understand logic.”

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