Penny Lebyane reveals she has umbilical hernia



Penny Lebyane expresses sadness after discovering why her belly fat won’t go away.

The star has been working hard to get a flat tummy, eating clean and regularly exercising but her doctor recently confirmed her problem is not typical stubborn belly fat.

Penny has always been vocal about her struggles to lose belly fat. However, she recently learnt why she’s been having a hard time achieving the desired results, and she took to Instagram to share the news.

“Sadly with all that hard work at the gym l have finally got to learn why my tummy won’t get flat. I’m told the more l do the stomach exercise it will get worse. My doctor says I have an umbilical hernia which will need repairing.

I used to tease that l need tummy tuck. Well, it looks like l was right. Something needs to be tucked back in, I just didn’t know until recently. l did everything to understand why the middle part of my tummy/my core doesn’t get stronger no matter what l do,” she wrote.

Penny said she tried everything for a flat tummy but none of it works.

“I changed my eating, went on a gut healing journey with The Drip Bar gut coach because l understood the impact of depression, anxiety and stress on one’s  gut health. I did gut cleansing, totally removed red meat from my diet. Still nothing changed.”

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