Soweto’s Finest need financial help, Lady Du reveals



Lady Du says Soweto’s Finest group need financial help.

Taking to Instagram, the Amapiano star said she met the group in the studio looking devastated, and they opened up about their challenges.

The group said funds raised to keep their business running has been stolen.

Upon hearing the heartbreaking story, Lady Dy helped and further called on other celebrities to help them.

“Yesterday was the first time I went to the studio ye Soweto’s finest, as a big sister I asked the boys how they are and they said devastated, they had a gig to raise funds to keep the business running some idiots stole it, and we all know with covid regulations it’s hard to keep the entertainment companies running. So I decided, to help them out abit but I feel like they’ve worked with sooo many people for years and know we can help somewhere. They work hard let’s help them get atleast the funds they lost back. I sent them something myself so if y’all can too let’s help. We are building each other!!!!!!! I love these boys to bits,” she said.

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