What does your favorite colour say about your personality?



All of us are attracted to different colours. But did you know that your favourite colour can also determine your personality to an extent?

Find out what your friend’s or family folks’ favourite colour and check out what that means with the guide given below.

1. Purple

If you are attracted to the colour purple then you are someone who seeks emotional security in life. You are a good human being and a perfectionist to an extent as well. You are definitely a good observer and also possess a creative bone. You have an amazing intuition which has proven to be right on numerous occasions. Also, you do give a damn about “fitting in” and the black sheep in the herd always attracts you.

2. Black

Those who love black take their privacy extremely seriously. You are polite and the colour is a symbol of dignity for you. You have a lot of self control and you lay a lot of emphasis on getting things done the proper way. The details have always been very important for you.

3. Grey

The grey colour lover is someone who is composed and very calm most of the time. This person is all about etiquettes and manners. If someone is good at diplomacy then it is this person who is attracted to hues of grey. They like to mind their own business and have drawn many lines on the professional front, with many colleagues.

4. White

Those who dig white, are very simple and like things in order. They push themselves a lot as they have high expectations of themselves. Their self control is commendable but they are often misread because they are reserved folks. Also called the old soul, white lovers are appreciated for their wisdom.

5. Red

Red lovers are very focused and determined but they are prone to impulsive actions. They sympathise with people around them and exude a powerful, strong energy. Outgoing for sure, red lovers are blunt when the situation demands. They gain respect easily as they are natural born leaders.

6. Pink

When you meet someone who loves pink, know that this person is witty and very caring as well. Pink lovers are very compassionate and can be easily counted as someone whose shoulder you can cry on. For them, peace and calm is crucial and they appreciate letting go every once in a while and embrace life.

7. Blue

Blue lovers hold their circle of friends very close to their hearts. These folks love putting others before themselves and believe in fair play. They are often considered trustworthy, warm and friendly.

8. Green

Those who are attracted to green colour, are fans of greenery and nature. A situation of chaos is just not for them. Their strength is time management and they have their priorities right. They don’t give small issues much thought and are good at seeing the bigger picture.

9. Orange

Orange lovers are optimists and they are the life of all parties. They are great at team building and never panic under pressure. These folks are social animals and are often counted on for solving problems.

10. Yellow

Yellow lovers never see the glass half empty. They are positive by nature and like staying in small circles. Yellow fellows are happy, intellectual and very imaginative.

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