Pearl Thusi shares her thoughts of FW de Klerk’s legacy following his passing



Pearl Thusi has taken to her social media to share that she is not sadden about the death of FW de Klerk.

This is coming after the last apartheid president died at the age of 85 on Thursday due to mesothelioma cancer.

“Former president FW de Klerk died peacefully at his home in Fresnaye earlier this morning after his struggle against mesothelioma cancer. He is survived by his wife Elita, his children Jan and Susan and his grandchildren,” the FW de Klerk foundation t.

The star joined the list of other celebrities to share her thoughts saying De Klerk did not deserve a state funeral and called on many to disrupt the event should it be held.

“If FW de Klerk gets a state funeral that will be a huge middle finger to the people who suffered under the apartheid regime in this country.” she wrote.

“In fact we must disrupt that funeral if it’s declared a state funeral. There’s just no way.”

Pearl admitted she felt indifferent about the former president’s death.

“I feel a bit weird to celebrate anyone’s death. I’m indifferent about him being dead or alive. Maybe he was already dead to me because I’m definitely not sad.”

See tweet below:

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