5 habits that guarantee the end of a relationship



Communication is like oxygen for relationships. Without it, a bond between two people cannot thrive.

When you communicate with your partner about your needs, wants and wishes, you are providing them with a foundation of a strong and trustworthy relationship.

But when couples become distraught about their relationship and have no idea about how to fix them, communication is how they can bridge that gap.

Couples should be able to identify the habits that are preventing them from solving their issues.

And hence, we have listed down some of the communication habits that can predict the end of a relationship.

1. Criticism

Criticising your partner at every step isn’t ideal, no matter how wrong they are. Besides honest criticism, you have to make your partner understand in a calm and cool manner. Harsh words never bring understanding but only resentment. Don’t make your partner feel ‘attacked.’

2. Absolute words

‘Always’ and ‘never’ seem to have a strong negative effect on any statement. These words determine that your partner always acts a certain way which is repulsive. And you may not realise, but these words come out of your mouth way more than often.

3. Defensiveness

Your partner may try to defend themselves in a very unhealthy way i.e shift the blame towards others, or worse towards you. When you criticise your partner they will hit back with harsher words. And this cycle can become extremely toxic and laden with unresolved anger.

4. Mockery

Heavily disrespecting your partner and mocking them incredulously can destroy the relationship completely. Contemplating your partner is simply rude. You aren’t getting any message across but only that you don’t care enough to talk sweetly with your partner.

5. No communication

Needing space from your partner doesn’t mean you don’t talk to them at all, or worse, block their number. That’s not how relationships work. This isn’t communication. Keeping minimal contact is necessary because that little ounce shows how much you or your partner cares. Stonewalling or ignoring completely is the true definition of toxic behaviour that gives way to the end of a relationship.

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