Jo-Ann Strauss reveals she was hospitalized



Jo-Ann Strauss has taken to her social media to share that she is in a recovery state after she landed in the hospital for a few days.

The star stated that the past few weeks has been really tough for her as she had to struggle to meet up to targets.

Jo-Ann said she is still in pains but she is on the mend.

“Where do I even start … what a crazy few weeks this has been. I landed up in hospital for a few days inbetween a work schedule that was grueling to say the least. I’m still in pain, but I’m on the mend. And most of my kids were also sick and I had to leave them to work after a few days.”

She stated that she did not want to share what she has ben going through but she had to let it know so people can be able to take care of themselves when necessary.

“The guilt. So, yes, I have been quiet and I didn’t want to share what I was going through as I don’t particularly like being vulnerable in public. But, I also realize that social media should extend past the pretty perfection and let one know that life isn’t always perfect, but we will survive. We have to look after ourselves and put ourselves first. We have to look past deadlines for work and focus on deadlines for our health. To all of you, I hope that in a small way, this message serves as a wake up call. Nothing is more important than your health. Mentally and physically.”

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