“Manyi lied & cost me my job” – Kuli Roberts says she was never an ATM Councillor




Kuli Roberts recently opened up about how she lost her job because of a Mzwanele Manyi stunt.

The star set the records straight during her interview on 702’s The Clement Manyathela Show’s “Hanging Out” segment, dropped bombshells about how Mzwanele Manyi lied about her being a councillor candidate for the ATM and cost her her job.

Kuli worked as a lifestyle editor for Sunday World.

The actress, who has a political degree, clarified on the episode that she was never politically affiliated with the political party African Transformation Movement (ATM).

“I never signed up to be a councillor for ATM. Manyi posted absolute lies, I was never standing up to be a councillor for ATM and that basically cost me my job. That hurts but s*** happens. I would never get involved in politics in this country, it is dangerous. It’s like Mexico, it’s a warpath, and I’m really not into that,” she said.

Kuli went on to explain how pictures of her in an ATM T-shirt went viral and how the story of her joining the party began.

The journalist shared that she lives in Centurion and had been affected by robberies and she spoke to the political party about the situation, during the time, where parties were canvassing.

“They invited me to a function, I wore a T-shirt. Next thing the picture is put on Twitter without my consent and knowledge and I got fired, Now I am jobless. I am sitting without employment because of something I didn’t do. I am not a card-carrying member of ATM, I am not a member of ATM. All we were doing was talk about the safety in my area, now I don’t have a job because of that,” she added.

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