7 overrated traits people look for in relationships



Everyone dreams of a partner with whom they can spend the rest of their life in happiness and satisfaction.

In order to achieve this eternal bliss, people look out for traits and behaviour patterns which they think characterise the perfect partner.

There are many desirable traits that people look out for, but here are seven that we think are not as important as people make them look like.

1. The perfect face, the perfect body

Of course, many people have an idea of the perfect physical shape that an ideal partner should have, but the truth is that the beauty that matters can be found within.

So, while someone might not meet your standard for looks and/or physique, do not be quick to dismiss them as potential partners.

2. Mutual interests and hobbies

Dating someone who loves the same thing as you is not guarantee that you will be happy forever. It helps sometimes to share like passions, but surely a solid relationship can’t be based on this alone, right?

“A common interest in hobbies are icing on the cake, but that genuine connection could be lurking below the surface,” is an apt sentence from Chelli Pumphrey, a couples counselor in Colorado, USA.

3. No arguments

Don’t buy into the myth that the perfect partner is non-confrontational, or that happy relationships are argument-free. That you do not argue with your boyfriend or girlfriend is not conclusive evidence of a great relationship, so looking for someone with whom you will have no conflict is not really a bright idea.

Look, instead, for someone with whom there’ll be differences and early resolutions which will make your bond stronger and understanding of each other deeper.

4. You have the same level of education

This might be a bitter pill to swallow but it is true nonetheless. Insisting on being with someone who has the same or higher level of education as yours is not advisable.

A man could have all the education in the world and be a terrible lover, while some of the not-really-educated women are the best lovers ever. All you need is to be on the same page intellectually, and that, most times, does not require education, right?

5. Funny bone

One should of course often have fun with a partner but should they be your sole source of excitement? Should you look out and choose a partner majorly because they can make you laugh? Surely not.

6. Sexual chemistry

When you consider the fact that sexual chemistry will someday fade away naturally, it becomes a lot more obvious that it is not the ultimate trait to be looking for in a partner.

Get you a man who can take your breath away with a simple kiss, and can treat you like the priceless jewel that you are. Get you a woman who can turn you to a rock with just one touch, and also knows when to keep quiet and let you be in peace instead of nagging the hell out of you.

7. Wealth

Money doesn’t necessarily lead to a more fulfilling relationship. Therefore never let wealth be the basis of your attraction to someone.

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