Gigi Lamayne takes legal action against Inno Morolong following her defamatory statement




Gigi Lamayne has released an official statement regarding defamatory statements Inno Morolong made about her online.

This is coming after the rapper topped the trend as Inno called her out for always going after every man she dates.

She said she is “filthy” and she is pining after her man.

What fuelled their online catfight was that Gigi allegedly followed Inno’s man Femi Large on Instagram and she was not pleased. In response to her defamatory statements, the rapper has filed a lawsuit against her in an attempt to teach her a lesson.

Well, Gigi is suing her as she said: “In light of all the statements and videos published by Inno Morolong, I have since engaged my attorneys to take over the matter and I will not be making any further comments/statements regarding this issue. The letter from my attorneys sent to Ms. Morolong earlier today is attached hereto.”

In screenshot of a letter from her lawyers, the rapper is demanding R1 million from Inno, for defamation of character. Gigi’s lawyers said the statements she made online were “offensive and defamatory and infringe on her constitutional right to dignity.”

“The offending statement or videos concerning our client are unwarranted, devoid of any truth, offensive and defamatory and infringe on her constitutional right to dignity. in addition, wee are made to understand that these statements or videos were clearly intended to be widely circulated with the intent of humiliating further undermining her reputation given her high public profile. 
Inno has been ordered to stop posting any offending statements concerning their client and to unconditionally and unreservedly retract all the offensive and defamatory statements, material and videos concerning their client within 24 hours of the date dispatch to the letter.

She has also been ordered to publish a video to apologise to their client and write an apology to be published across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Failure to do so, will force them to issue proceedings in the High Court to seek interdictory relief against her.

“We are instructed to issue summons claiming R1 million occasioned by the reputational damage caused by your offensive and defamatory statements,” reads the letter.

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