5 best at-home fitness gadgets for your workout



With newer gadgets and latest technology in the market, working out has never been more fun, even if you are stuck at home.

Time to bid adieu to your couch potato alter ego and say hello to a fitter, healthier you.

Here are our favourite fitness gadgets, that can help you transform yourself into a fitness freak, right at home.

1. Smart rope

Using a skipping rope is one of the best forms of cardio workouts that you can do and a smart rope can help step it up a notch. A smart rope displays your fitness level mid air and helps you store your workout data, which is linked to your smartphone.

2. Smart watch

The best way to keep all your daily workouts and step counts on the right track is with a smart watch. It  links the device to your phone and sends your progress and workout goals that you have achieved. It can also help you track your heart rate, step count and oxygen levels.

3. Smart exercise cycle

Miss going on an early morning cycling trail with your workout buddies? We’ve got you covered! A smart exercise cycle is perfect for someone who loves the outdoors. It gives  you the perfect feel of riding through the empty streets of your city, right at home.

4. Portable treadmill

If you love using the treadmill but the cost seems to be prohibitive, not to mention the huhe amount of space it needs, this is the perfect workout device for you. A portable treadmill is easy to use and store. You can even level up your workout, and binge watch your favourite TV show.

5. Smart kettlebell

Too many kettlebells spoil the fun? What if there was one kettlebell that could do the job of all the different weights  that you require? A smart kettlebell does just that. The weight of the bell can be modified according to your needs with the linked smartphone app that can help you transform your strength sessions.

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