Avoid eating onions if you have any of these 6 health conditions



Onions is a popular type of vegetable used in adding flavor in food.

There are different varieties of onions the popular ones being white onion and red onion.

Onions can be added to your meals indifferent ways, it can be sautéed, boiled or added raw to garnish your meal.

There are so many people who enjoy eating onions, in fact, they can’t cook anything without adding onions to it.

Onions are packed with many nutrients, some of which include; vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, vitamin A, iron, sodium and fiber.

Onions also contributes a lot of health benefits to the body, some of which include; improving heart health, lowering risk of cancer, boost immune system, reduce blood sugar and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Although, it has a ton of health benefits, it is important for you to minimize your intake of onion especially if you suffer from any of these ailments;

1. Heartburn

Heartburn is discomfort around the chest that is usually as a result of the food we eat. If you regularly suffer from heartburn. Then you should reduce your intake of onions. Heartburns can be very uncomfortable to deal with and it usually worsens when you lay down.

2. Skin irritation

Beauty trends these days’ force people to apply all sorts of things to their body, this includes onion. Applying onions to your skin can lead to skin irritation and eczema, eating a lot of onions also has the same effect on your skin.

3. Stinky breath

If you enjoy eating onions a lot or you like eating raw onions, then you should be prepared to take extra care of your oral health. Constantly, eating onions can lead to bad breath so you should limit how you eat uncooked onions and brush properly after each meal.

4. Blood thinning

Eating onions on its own does not thin blood, but, combining it with some medications can lead to severe blood thinning. Blood thinning is a condition that is caused by low number of platelets. So before you take any medication, consult your pharmacist and reduce your onion intake for that period.

5. Bloating 

Bloating is condition where the stomach is filled with a lot of gas and it can be very uncomfortable. Eating onions regularly can lead to severe bloating. The bloating is caused by the fibers present in the onions.

6. Allergies

People with allergies or sensitive eyes can experience severe itching and redness of the eyes simply by cutting onions or even eating them. People with allergies can also experience severe symptoms like throwing up. If you observe any of these things, you should avoid eating onions.

In the end, moderation is key to everything. You don’t have to stuff yourself with lots of onions before you get the health benefits it provides.

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