What is the best age difference for a successful marriage?



Age gaps work differently for all couples. For some, a 2 year-gap works well, while for others, a 10-year gap is what they have been looking for.

There are many people who would love to have a partner who’s quite older to them. It’s all about what suits whom the best.

But, most successful marriages have a perfect age gap that balances compatibility with preferences. And for some, it can be a huge obstacle.

Let’s now understand how different age gaps can fare for couples.

1. 5-7 years age gap

Couples with this age gap face fewer clashes, misunderstandings and arguments. One of the partners in the marriage will always be mature; they will keep the marriage from crumbling. This age gap is much more ideal than others because it helps the couple achieve stability and understand each other from a close perspective.

2. 10 years age gap

There are many marriages where a 10 year age gap is achievable if there’s enough love and understanding between the spouses. When they have their life goals, ambitions and perspectives aligned together, a 10-year gap may not be threatening. However, for normal couples, it can be a bit stretchy. Sometimes, the younger partner may not stand up to the older partner’s maturity level and that can create a lot of issues.

3. 20 years age gap

This is ideally not the best age gap for couples in a marriage. Although there are many famous couples who have an age gap of over 20 years, the differences can be too much. There will be a huge shift in goals, ambitions and opinions. The biggest of all can be, the need of having children; the older spouse may want to have children as soon as possible but the younger spouse may not be so keen on this opportunity. The difference in their thinking levels can be one of the biggest drawbacks.

Does the age gap really matter?

Yes, generally it does. There will be huge differences in opinions, as the current world is changing by every bit. Marriages may become short-lived and problematic. In general, the larger the age gap, more are the problems that couples tend to face. A small age gap is even effective but a two-decade one? Not so much.

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