5 facts about the male private organ all men should know



There are many facts and myths about the male private organ that makes many sit on the fence, leaving them helpless on what to believe and what not to.

This is unfortunate because it has consequently left many in the dark not knowing what the truth about their private organ really is.

So in this article, I will be unveiling some of the hidden truth about the male private organ some of our men can get a better knowledge of their personal health, and their overall health in general.

1. The male private organ is twice as big as you think

This is true and will definitely uplift the spirit of many. This is true because at about half of the size of a man’s penis size is inside his body anatomy.

2. The shoe size does not determine the size of his private organ

There is what is referred to as the shoe myth. The shoe myth is untrue as the someone with a smaller shoe size can even give a bigger private organ size.

3. Morning wood

Another fact that every man should know is that a man gets about 3 to 5 erections before he wakes up from bed. There is no scientific proof of why this happens but it is called “nocturnal penile tumescence”. This also signifies that a man is healthy and would be very productive in bed.

4. The male private organ can not break

Some persons have the belief that their private organ can break but this is not true as there is no bone in the private organ. The male private organ can actually rupture but can not break.

5. Men are born with erection

It would interest you to know that when a male child is been given birth to, they most times come out with a hard private organ. Sometimes, even while the focus is still in the belly and a scan is been done, it is discovered that they have a hard private organ already.

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