Mohale slams Sol for making Transphobic jokes about Vuyo




Mohale is definitely not having it as he slammed Sol Phenduka for making transphobic jokes about Vuyo Dabula.

The past few weeks, Vuyo trended on social media after a transgender woman, Demi The Doll accused him for always sleeping with trans women.

However, its unsure if the woman did it for clout or she felt disrespected and compelled to out him, she gained more followers over night and a few praises from the podcast and chill team.

However, on Podcast And Chill, they decided to talk about the issue and Sol dropped some fire punchlines and they did not land with Mohale.

“Shame man that it had to happen to Vuyo, he’s an amazing guy. I saw him last week at Oakland Park. Yeah, he likes riding beautiful transies,” joked Sol.

For context, transies means cars and in this case Sol was making reference to transgender women (trans.)

Then they praised Demi and said she is gorgeous and MacG said if he saw her at 3AM in the morning he would also make a move.

He also seemed a bit too skeptical to believe she is transgender.

Sol saw this as a another opportunity to joke about the two of them when he said, “yes she outed Vuyo, but she is not an outie (guy).”

Mohale was not having it as he found it distasteful.

He said: “Legendary with what? Making transphobic jokes? K!”

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