5 tips to save your skin from post-workout acne




We know that working out is not just good for the body but also for the skin.

As you sweat, you flush out the body of harmful toxins. However, at times the sweat, combined with dirt and oil can get trapped in pores clogging them and causing pesky breakouts.

If you are an avid gym bee, make sure you take care of these mistakes that can cause zits.

1. Remove makeup before exercising

If you workout in the evening after work and wear makeup, wash your face before hitting the gym. It will help wash off bacteria that’s already there on the skin. Exercising opens up skin pores which can become an easy vent for the bacteria to enter. Makeup and even skincare can block pores and  get trapped in causing breakouts. This also stands true for hair products. Consider wearing a headband to prevent these products from dripping down on the face with sweat.

2. Always use a clean towel

Those who workout know how important a face towel is as a gym accessory. It’s natural to reach out for your towel in between the reps; it absorbs sweat but also dirt and grime. Make sure you use a fresh towel for each workout. If you can get your hands on the one made with anti-bacterial fiber, it’s recommended.

3. Shower after exercising

Workout-related breakouts not only attacks the face but also the back and waist area where you wear your sports bra and tights. To prevent body acne, it’s important to shower after exercising. Let the sweat cool down and body temperature come back to normal before you shower. However, don’t delay it.

4. Clean your equipment

Make sure your fitness centre maintains proper hygiene and sanitising levels as workout equipment can be a major cause of bacteria transmission. Also, using equipment at a centre open to the public means you share them with many people. Even your own equipment like mats, stretch bands, weights can be a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria that can be easily transferred on to the skin. Wipe them off with a surface sanitising napkins if your fitness centre isn’t helping.

5. Choose airy clothing

Make sure you wear breathable clothes while working out so that the sweat doesn’t get trapped under it. Tight clothing that chafes the skin can further push dirt and oil into the skin causing breakouts.

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