This is why pasta water is also called liquid gold



Did you know that pasta water is known as liquid gold?

Pasta is one of the most loved Italian delicacies, but you will be amazed to know that the water we often discard after boiling the pasta can be used in so many interesting ways such as making doughs, adding a nice texture to the soups and condiments, cooking rice and what not!

Here are some brilliant ways to reuse pasta water that makes it worth stocking up.

1. Soften legumes

Cooking beans and legumes is a time consuming process as most legumes need to be soaked to soften them before cooking. So, reduce the cooking time of legumes by soaking them in warm pasta water to get the best results.

2. ​Smoothen the condiments

Pasta water can be used to dilute and add a rich texture to the condiments that often clump up while cooking or in a refrigerator. Just add in some warm pasta water to the condiments and sauces and enjoy a smooth texture.

3. ​Makes the pizza dough soft

Pasta water has a mix of little oil and salt, which makes it great for kneading pizza and bread dough as it makes it soft and smooth. The presence of starch helps in binding the dough nicely.

4. ​Great for cooking soups

To make a quick soup and give it a nice texture, you can use pasta water as a soup base. You can boil the veggies in the hot pasta water, this will give a smooth texture, reduce the cooking time and add on to the flavour of the soup.

5. Cooks rice faster

Pasta water adds a rich flavour to the rice, just replace the regular water and cook rice in warm pasta water. Not only will this reduce the cooking time of rice, but will also add a nice texture to the rice.