5 life milestones for every millennial



For most millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) some signs let them know that they are now grown-ups.

What are these signs? Read on to know….

There is always that small first apartment. After you’ve moved to a better apartment, you always remember it fondly or with regret if your landlord was from hell or the neighbours were too loud or you were always woken by the deliverance prayers of the nearby church.

This is a cardinal and monumental period for any young person – the moment they leave home and set out on their own. Everything else flows from there; without it, the rest is impossible.

And so begins the process of making money. Since you cannot be perpetually dependent on your parents, you have to find work.

Working would be an entirely new experience from going to school. Even starting a business will come with its challenges.

This follows logically after you establish some stability. You have moved out, you got a job, you are earning money.

The next step is to get married and if you didn’t have a secondary school or university heartthrob, that begins the arduous process of finding a partner.

No one can peg when you should buy your first car, but when it happens you feel very grown-up and like you have ticked something important off your list.

Nothing says I am now a grown-up adult like having your offspring, being fruitful and multiplying. Seeing yourself in your child is all you need to know that you are now a full-fledged adult.

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