5 ways to guide your heart in a relationship



The fear of many people is fake love. Nobody wants to be betrayed in a relationship.

No one wants his or her heart to be broken just because he or she is genuinely in love.

Not everyone can survive a heartbreak, that is why you should follow the below guides to protect your heart from being broken in a relationship.

1. Take things slowly

When it comes to relationship, you have to be very careful. Relationship is not to be rushed into. Don’t jump into a relationship without a strong conviction that your lover truly loves you because if you do, you will likely jump out, but with a broken heart.

If you must guide your heart in a relationship, you must make sure that you and your lover are on the same boat. That is to say that you have to take your time to study them and ascertain the authenticity of their intentions towards you.

2. Date someone who shares your values

A relationship where the lovers have the same mindset, plan and values is usually strong and almost unbreakable. If he or she does not want your plans, also, if you don’t share the same value with him or her, it is better not to go into the relationship.

Relationships that are built on shared values have greater tendency to endure for a long time. For instance, if you have a career you want to achieve first before raising a family, but your lover want kids already, this may hurt you when your relationship is broken as a result of that.

3. Pay attention to red flags

You don’t have to wait for your heart to be broken before you leave an abusive relationship. You need to pay attention to red flags that suggest that you are in abusive relationship.

If you discover that your lover is a liar, emotionally and physically abusive, disrespectful and untrustworthy, it is better to leave the relationship before your heart is broken.

4. Do not settle for the wrong reasons

If you go into a relationship for the wrong reasons, chances are that your heart will be broken. Do not settle for money, beauty and material things, rather, go for true love because it is only true love that will remain when every other thing is gone.

5. Avoid focusing on superficial.

Do not focus on things that don’t really matter. Focus on ideas, goal, values and morals. You may be heartbroken when you discover that what you have been chasing in your relationship is a mere superficial.

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