Can dating a divorced man work?



The most important thing to look out for before saying yes to your divorced crush is if he’s legally divorced and not simply separated.

Dating a divorcee can be a bit tricky and difficult, but if you’re emotionally mature and ready, there’s no mountain you both can’t surmount.

However, before you take the bold step to date a divorcee, there are a few important things you should consider:

  • Ask about the cause of the divorce. If it’s abuse from his hands, then he will surely abuse you too. If the faults are wholly from his part, then you should be worried.
  • Will you be comfortable with his ex and kids?
  • Is he ready and matured emotionally to start all over with a new person?
  • Ask yourself, Are you accepting him out of love or out of pity?
  • Are you able to deal with his emotional baggage?
  • Are you also willing to help him heal?
  • Responsibilities – Remember he has a past that can’t be forgotten; his ex wife and kids are still part of his life. He still needs to give financial and emotional support to them. You’ll need to be ok with this.
  • There will be times when he feels resentment toward his ex-wife and children. You’d have to put up with his resentments and fury about his broken marriage, and assist him get through it.
  • Divorced men don’t like to be rushed, hence, if you want a relationship that will lead to marriage, you have to be patient with them. It will take them some time to heal and recover from the trauma of divorce.
  • Finally, you must recognize that when their history is brought up, some divorcees can become vulnerable and easily angered. Handle those problems with caution. They’ll become more free and open up to you as time passes.

So, yes! You can have a smooth relationship with your divorced lover. Do not rush him, be patient and ready to grow together.

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