‘You’re a nobody to me’ – Amanda Du Pont serves MacG with legal letter




Amanda Du-Pont has made it known that she will never apologise to Mac G.

This is coming after the Podcaster got dragged through the mud with rape accusations.

Mac G on the other hand demanded Amanda du-Pont to apologise to him for apparently classifying him as a rapist when she alleged that she was raped and almost murdered by Jub Jub.

MacG served Amanda with a letter of demand that claimed her video caused him reputational damage and “influenced a large number of people to now view and label him as a rapist and abuser.”

Du Pont responded to Mukwevho through her lawyers on Monday, saying she would not publicly apologise for the remarks she made about him following the controversial sit-down interview he had with Jub Jub on his popular podcast, Podcast and Chill, which aired last week.

MacG said on Podcast And Chill that had they known Amanda suffered greatly at the hands of Jub Jub, they would not have used the words they did, and they would handled the matter correctly.

He felt really bad about what is happening but still said it does not give her the right to drag his name and make such allegations.

MacG said he was on the phone with his mother for 2 hours discussing this matter.

He then gave Amanda some time to apologise and retract her statements and for them to meet in a form of a roundtable.

Amanda, there is still time to retract before I take legal action,” he said on the Podcast.

But Amanda du-Pont is not interested in apologising to MacG, neither is she interested in meeting up with him. In fact, she considers the successful podcaster a nobody to her.

In the letters she sent through her lawyers Marweshe Inc. Attorneys, to MacG, which were shared on social media by  broadcaster Eusebius McKaiser, Amanda stated that MacG’s laughter and manner in which he replied to Jub Jub’s remarks “amount to both civil and crimen iniura against her.”

Amanda then said MacG failed to apologise to her publicly or privately for having hosted the episode which triggered her.

She then claims that MacG wants to silence her as a “rape survivor.”



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