Zakes Bantwini opens up about his album launch and furthering his studies




Zakes Bantwini has opened up about the launch of his new album and furthering his studies.

He said the album title, Ghetto King are two words people hardly see together.

“I like the contrast. Ghetto and King are words you don’t see together. I love changing perception.”

“I’ve got a lot of music I make with a lot of producers. We keep making music. By the time I die, I want to have released at least a million records and I’d be satisfied,” he said.

Zakes said he tapped into a different way of doing music with the making of his album by learning how to use fruity loops software to make his sound different.

“I set up a studio in Durban. Five producers live there and two songwriters. Every song that’s there, somehow someone has a contribution in it. I had to sit down and learn from the kids because I have never used fruity loops.

“I work with a lot of young people. I follow the music. I don’t follow the name. That’s why most of my albums don’t have big names.”

Among the many certificates Zakes has to show how much he values education, he has a diploma in jazz and music performance, and revealed early this year that he was accepted to Harvard University to further his studies.

“It’s a limitation when you don’t train yourself because it’s never too late. If you don’t want to study music then credit people who are doing it,” he said.



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