Why men should consume dates regularly



Dates are the tastiest of all dry fruits and are relished all throughout the year. Chock-a-block with nutrients, these dried fruits are usually eaten for energy.

That’s why it’s customary among Muslims to break the Ramzan fast with dates. Since fasting deprives your body of strength, eating calorie-dense dates help boost your energy. But apparently, dates are capable of revving up more than just your energy levels.

Science says that date fruits can even crank up your libido, improve your sperm quality and save your marriage. Research has proved what traditional wisdom has been saying all along. The fruits boost your sex life by increasing your libido and improving your sexual performance.

So what makes the date fruit so spectacular when it comes to treating a waning libido? The traditional system of medicine was known to use date palm pollen an antidote to male infertility. So a group of researchers decided to check whether there was any truth to the claims made by holistic medicine.

An experimental study led in 2006 found out that dates did impact sperm and the reproductive system of adult male rats on whom the test was conducted. They noticed that consumption of dates greatly improved the count, the motility and DNA quality of the rat’s sperm. It also increased the weights of the testis and epididymis. The credit goes to estradiol and flavonoid components in the dates, that seem to have a positive effect on the quality of the sperm.

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