9 things to add to your smoothies for quicker weight loss



There’s a reason smoothies are loved by health freaks around the world. They’re easy-to-make and are a quick breakfast fix for people who are usually pressed for time in the morning.

They’re the perfect recharge drinks for your post-workout meals and smoothie recipes are very amenable to all kinds of fresh and healthy ingredients, from berries to fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and oat powders, as well as healthy nuts and seeds.

Smoothies are preferred drinks for people looking to lose weight because of the easily modified nature of the drink.

Apart from adding nutritious superfoods to your breakfast smoothie, you can also add the following fat-burning foods to attain quicker weight loss:

1. Green Tea Powder

Green tea is well known for its weight loss promoting powers. Adding green tea powder to your smoothie can trigger release of fat from your cells, thanks to the catechins present in it. Green tea doesn’t have any overpowering flavor so you needn’t worry about it spoiling the taste either.

2. Blueberries And Strawberries
These tiny powerhouses should never be underestimated. Blueberries have proven their mettle as powerful fat burners in multiple studies. They’re full of antioxidants and are capable of activating genes that burn fat. Strawberries are stars in their own right, when it comes to weight loss. They have polyphenols that can stop the formation of fat in the body.
3. Spinach
A leafy green in your smoothie doesn’t sound very appetizing, but remember, the goal here is to trigger fat burn. Spinach is one of the best things to add to your smoothie because of its capacity to satiate you for longer by supplying fiber to your body. (Also

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a designated superfood whose universal appeal keeps on rising. Studies have found that eating two teaspoons of coconut oil can result in loss of belly fat. Moreover, coconut oil doesn’t have much of a taste or flavor and hence, can be put in any drink you like.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the favored spice of people wanting to lose weight fast, all around the world. It relieves bloating and remedies water retention. Apart from this, it also enhances the flavor of the drink.

6. Chia Seeds

Grown primarily for the oil, chia seeds have firmly made their place in the category of health foods, with people using them around the world. Chia seeds help in increasing the satiety factor of your drink, preventing hunger pangs and your need to snack often.

7. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds, are one of the most amazing weight loss ingredients out there. Flaxseeds are a great source of soluble mucilaginous (gumlike) fibre that can lower bad cholesterol in blood. They also act has hunger suppressants.

8. Beetroots

Beetroots are ideal health foods due to their rich nutrient profile, but they have a great role to play in weight loss too. They’re rich in antioxidants and low in calories and sugar. They’ve also been known to boost muscle power to help you work out better.

9. Oats Powder

Powdered oats are often added to breakfast smoothies to make them more filling. Oats are rich in fiber and hence can help you keep full for longer, preventing cravings or binge-eating.

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