5 effortless poses every woman should master



Taking photos as a unphotogenic person might just be the hardest you will have to do in your life.

We know you see the posing tutorials on Instagram and Tiktok. We also know that you save them but never go back to watch. Worry not.

We made a compilation just for you.

1. Faceless

As simple as ABC. Pose and cover your face with your hand. Add your personal touch to it and keep moving your hand till you find the perfect position.

2. Look away from the camera

Pretty explanatory. You don’t have to look all the way behind you. Just make sure your ear is pointed towards the camera.

3. Look down

You can face the camera, pose and look down like a coin fell from your hand and you’re trying to find out where it fell. Vivid, yes but that’s how we do. Posing sideways looks equally good.

4. Cover your face with your phone

Might work best for mirror photos but this is definitely a look. Mostly cause you see how it looks in the mirror before you take the photo but when has a mirror photo never gave what it was supposed to give?

5. Fixing your clothes or your hair

Take the focus off your face to your body or your hair. Looking down and pretending to fix your dress works best for people who are not photogenic. Works for your hair as well.