What happens when you put a bowl of rice in your wardrobe?



If you drop your device in a toilet or sink, you would be expected to soak it in a dry rice bath to keep it alive.

Funk and moisture can sometimes furl into an invisible haze with no clear source in a small space like a wardrobe, where we keep our shoes and clothes. That’s when rice comes in.

Below are 2 benefits of keeping a bowl of rice in our wardrobe.

1. It will absorb moisture

If you’ve ever tried putting your smartphone in a bag of rice to keep it from getting wet, you’ll know that it works because dry rice absorbs moisture. But how does that illustration help our wardrobes? Well, it just happens that dry rice can also absorb the moisture in our wardrobes. Whether your house is a bit damp in summer, or you put back washed clothes that hadn’t completely dried in your wardrobe, putting just a bowl of rice would help prevent your clothes from turning musty, or letting mold grow on them.

2. Acts as air freshener

Rice acts as both an air freshener and a moisture absorber because it absorbs moisture from a room. Your wardrobe will begin to smell lovely after a few drops of essential oil are added to the rice. There’s no need to spend money on air fresheners when you can make your own. You can also pick and choose what you like and find the ideal scent for you this way.

In order to achieve this, you will need one cup of rice (white rice is best), some essential oil, a bowl to put it in, a piece of cloth, and an elastic band.

In a mixing bowl, combine the rice with 15 to 20 drops of oil. Cover the bowl with a piece of breathable fabric (such as a swatch from an old T-shirt). Then secure the cloth with an elastic band. Place the bowl of rice in your wardrobe where no child will be able to reach it.

After a few months, you’ll need to replace the air freshener. Because brown rice spoils more quickly than white rice, you’ll need to replace it sooner if you use it instead of white rice.

You now know that rice can be used for more than just eating!

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