10 interesting facts you didn’t know about k*ssing!



Call it kissing, making out, smooching, first base or whatever else you wish to- kissing is one of the best parts about falling in love.

Kissing is probably one of the best ways to tell your partner how much you love him/her. But do you know some facts associated to kissing?

Apart from the obvious burning calories and reducing stress, turns out that there is a lot more about kissing that you might want to know.

Here are some interesting things you didn’t know about kissing but will now know. These interesting facts are more like an awakening call and you will never look at kissing the way you always have.

When you are busy closing your eyes and kissing, you might have never even dreamed of such surprising truths. Read to know!

1. Kissing can be the deciding factor of your relationship

It is said that if a couple share a good and healthy chemistry with good making out, then the relationship will tend to last longer.  If you have been complaining about your partner’s kissing and kissing antics, you know what to understand out if it.

2. Kissing keeps you positive and stress free

Kissing is said to release endorphins and oxytocin and thus it will keep you happy and stress free. Kissing will make your sad mood a lot better and hence ensure that kissing happens often. So whenever you feel low, grab your partner and just kiss.

3. Kissing increases your life expectancy

Several studies suggest that kissing increases life expectancy, especially for men. Men who kiss their wives almost daily are said to live longer than men who don’t. Now isn’t this a good enough reasons to kiss your partner every morning?

4. Kissing prevents your teeth from decaying

Since kissing also involves a lot of saliva, it is said that it also prevents tooth decay. Hence, apart from all the fun and pleasure that kissing has, it is also helpful to remain healthy and keep your mouth clean. Your teeth will seldom decay.

5. Lips are more sensitive than your private part

As against the general notion, lips are said to be more sensitive than your private organs.  So for those who do not want to go all the way, you can still get a lot of pleasure only by kissing. There are at least 10,000 nerve endings on a human’s lips and only 8000 in the clitoris and area around. Fascinating right?

6. Kissing keeping your mouth open is sexier and healthier

If you guy kisses you keeping his mouth open, not only does it give pleasure but it also transfers their testosterone. Transfer of testosterone will help in increasing your man’s libido. So the next time there is a moment of kissing, kiss with your mouths open.

7. The French Kiss was once called the Florentine kiss

The term French kiss got its popularity after the British saw how the French kissed with so much passion. They saw this during their visit to France during the World War 1. Before it became the French kiss, it was called the Florentine kiss.

8. Couples exchange at least 80 million microbes every time they kiss

This is a lot more microbes in kissing that you will find even in a public bathroom. So every time you kiss, you know what you are exchanging apart from saliva. But will that really stop you from kissing? A little germs for pleasure is manageable right?

9. However, kissing will also help you build a stronger immune system

So what if you are exchanging microbes, kissing also helps you boost your immune system. You will more likely to stay away from any kind of illness if you kiss often. Now that it is also winter, replaces you healthy drinks and juices with a lot more kissing

10. There is also a record of the longest kiss

The longest kiss on record is said to have lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds exact. The next time you think your kiss lasted a long time, think of this record.

Bonus: Philmatology, ever heard of this?

Well, philmatology means the study of kissing. We are not sure why the study of kissing has such a complicated name. A term like this for something as simple as kissing, strange!

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