5 mistakes from 2021 that you shouldn’t repeat next year



If we happen to ask you what’s one of the most important takeaways from 2021, many will say, lessons. 2021 has been great for some and sad for others, however, one thing in common was the experience that followed it.

While most of us end the year with regrets and resentment, it’s time to pick ourselves up and take an oath to not repeat the same mistakes in the year to come.

Here are 5 mistakes from 2021 that you shouldn’t repeat.

1. Over trusting people

Most of us will relate to the feeling of giving away too many details to a stranger and then thinking to ourselves, how much is too much? This is one of the biggest mistakes that many make. While it is okay to share your feelings with people, what is not is to overly trust people. So, in 2022 make a resolution to not trust anyone you meet just because you find them a good person. Take your time in knowing people and then make a wise decision of whether to trust them.

2. Playing the blame game

Again, many of us are guilty of this. Sometimes it becomes hard for people to accept their mistakes and move on. Here an easy way out is to play the blame game. This is not only a spoiler for relationships but also makes you look like a person who is not willing to take responsibility for their mistakes. So, make sure you don’t play the game and be a bigger person by accepting your mistakes and making sure to not repeat them in the future.

3. Crying over losses

A broken relationship? A failed business? A lost job? Don’t cry over any. Crying over what has already happened makes you feel exhausted. Instead invest your energy in learning new skills, improving the previous ones, and looking for better people in life. This will keep you busy and will save you from unnecessary stress.

4. Giving multiple chances to people

Those who are keepers would understand the feeling of giving people multiple chances. One sorry, and we are all ready to trust the same person again. While this is definitely a reflection of your generous personality, many people can use this for their benefit. So, be wise enough to know when to forgive a person and when to forget them. Instead of falling for the sweet words, see their actions. If you find your partner cheating on you and he or she comes and apologizes, give them one more chance. But don’t make this a habit. Know when is the time to move on.

5. Pleasing people

We all have tried this, at least, once. Be it for the sake of saving a relationship or getting a promotion, we struggle to please people and make our way into their good books. However, in the process, we, often, end up losing ourselves and messing up with our personalities. So, in 2022, brace your flaws, have faith in your skills, and remember those who know your worth will find a way to be with you.

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