5 reasons why you need to understand your partner’s love language



True love is such a wonderful thing. It’s rare to find someone you click with and as humans there is that natural desire to have a powerful connection with someone special.

In relationships, there are many elements that contribute to a long-lasting bond like healthy communication and loyalty.

There are also key aspects that we don’t often pay attention to like love languages.

Love languages can be defined as an expressive communication of love. They include acts of service, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time and words of affirmation.

Everyone has their own love language and knowing what your partner needs is a game changer when it comes to relationships.

Below are reasons why it’s very important to know what your partner’s love language is if you truly want a happy and long-lasting union:

1. It shows genuine appreciation

Relationships have a lot to do with putting your partner’s needs before your own. Of course, they also need to make sacrifices for you as well because a one-sided relationship is bound to fall apart.

Still, a way of showing them you truly appreciate who they are and that you are hundred percent committed to the relationship is by communicating your love through their love language. The fact that you have taken time to understand them is a genuine way of letting them know you value them.

2. It keeps the love alive

The best phase of any relationship is probably the honeymoon phase. You might have been with your partner for years but you will always remember that amazing season when you met and everything was perfect.

To rekindle that romance between you two, you need to speak your partner’s love language. Paying attention to how they feel most appreciated is one of the most effective ways of keeping the love alive.

3. You will be less frustrated

Many couples still don’t know the importance of knowing love languages and they’re missing out on so much. It creates a situation where you’re trying your best to show your partner you love them through your love language without realizing that they don’t interpret love the same way you do.

If you notice your partner isn’t responding to how you communicate, it could be that you haven’t understood their love language. Mastering this essential part of your relationship saves you from a lot of frustrations and heartbreaks.

4. It helps heal relationships

Relationships often break down due to many reasons. One common situation that leads to the demise of a once healthy bond is growing apart.

While knowing love languages isn’t the only remedy for a broken relationship, it definitely communicates and let’s your better half know that you’re willing to fight for the relationship.

5. It strengthens your relationship

Every relationship evolves over time. You’re both changing and how you feel fulfilled changes as well.

For instance, you might find that at the beginning of the relationship you valued receiving gifts but now you crave more quality time with your partner especially if you both currently have busy schedules.

These changes mean that your partner’s love language might have evolved too and understanding their needs on a deeper level will help maintain a long-lasting relationship.

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