Emtee ventures into business for weed smokers




Emtee has decided to broaden his horizon as he jumps into the entrepreneurial route.

The star has ventured into a business that is nothing like other celebrities.

The rapper is definitely on brand with his business idea which involves him selling paper to roll weed.

Emtee: Good Paper, No Kizzy’ comes in 24 booklet papers to help roll your weed.

Emtee who is known for consuming the herbal drug, was praised by his fans for this genius idea.

His rolling paper company is also in partnership with his record label, Emtee Records.

Yesterday, Sjava writes a message to all supporters of the trap king

He said: “To all @emteerecords supporters you need to understand that Emtee can never be compared if you love respect and understand what he does and why he does it here is my advice just enjoy his music nikhohlwe yizinto eziningi (forget about a lot of things) his mixtape dropping soon and it’s going to be a classic.”

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