5 things a man shouldn’t tolerate from a woman



If you continue to tolerate what you’re not supposed to tolerate, you will be taken advantage of and be seen as a fool.As a man, there are some things you should not tolerate from a woman. You should not allow your affection and love to blind you from reacting to things you should react to.

If you keep tolerating everything a woman is doing to you, she will end up doing something worst that will hurt you.

In this article, I will be showing you 5 things a man should not tolerate from a woman.

1. Nagging

Nagging is a toxic silent relationship killer. As a man, you should not tolerate nagging from a woman. If a woman consistently finds fault in you and doesn’t appreciate your effort, you should never tolerate it from her. When your woman starts nagging, you will feel discouraged and there will be an urge to find comfort in another woman. If you don’t want to end up this way, you should never tolerate nagging from a woman.

2. Comparison

As a man, you should never tolerate a woman that is comparing you to another man. This shows she doesn’t know your worth and she can’t accept you for who you’re. A woman that can’t see you differently should not be tolerated no matter who she is to you. If she’s making a comparison between you and other men, you should let her go, there’s no reason for you to tolerate her.

3. Disrespect

As a man, once you notice your woman is disrespecting you, you should call her to order instead of tolerating it. Because you love a woman, that doesn’t mean she can disrespect you. Your woman must give you the respect you deserve, you should not tolerate it when she disrespects you.

4. Insults

Another thing you should not tolerate from a woman is an insult. No matter how much your woman is angry, you should stop her from insulting you. This is because it will trigger anger in you and that can make you lose your cool. You should not tolerate insult from a woman if you don’t want to end up losing control.

5. No regard for your family

No matter how much you love a woman, don’t give her the chance to disrespect your family. Just because you love your partner doesn’t mean you should accept everything they’re doing to you.

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