Can dark colours trigger aggression? Here’s the truth



Do you often find yourself in a bad mood? Do you snap at people for minor things? Are you always frustrated and angry? If the answer is yes, maybe you need to look around.

Why, you ask? It’s all in colours. While we all must have heard that colours affect our mood, only a handful actually believe in it.

While light colours uplift your mood, dark colours on the other hand can trigger aggression. So, if you always find yourself agitated even about the smallest things, you might want to give your wall colours a second thought.

Colours like black, grey, brown, and hues of dark blue, if used in excess, can give your house an aggressive feel. Your house may look dull, boring, depressing, and cluttered.

Furthermore, you won’t get the feeling of comfort and happiness, when around in such an environment.

While there’s no proper explanation as to why and how colours direct your mood, it may be a result of the vibes they possess that affect your mood. Also, every colour has its own traits.

Here are a few emotions that you may experience if your house has dark colours.

1. You may find yourself stressed and angry.

2. You don’t have enough motivation to work when at home.

3. You may feel lazy and annoyed.

4. Your imagination takes the backseat and all you can think of is negativity.

5. You feel insecure and depressed.

6. Anxiety levels may reach their peak.

So, if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned emotions, here is what you can do.

Begin with toning down the colours. Replace the dark colours with light ones. If you are unable to select colours or don’t want to change the complete interior of your house, paint a couple of walls white. This will help balance the colours and will eliminate negativity. It will bring peace and happiness.

If that’s not something you want to do right away, indoor plants can help. Place as many indoor plants as possible as they will bring freshness. Keep your doors and windows open and let the natural light enter your house. This will help kill negativity to some extent, and your aggressiveness may come under control, if not vanish.

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