Lamiez Holworthy seeks justice over little brother’s death


Lamiez Holworthy questions the justice system in South Africa as the murderers of Tshego Blackie are still wandering the country without being arrested.

A few weeks ago the death news of the young man made headlines, with Lamiez expressing how heartbroken she is as Blackie was like a little brother to her.

Taking to Twitter, the DJ poured out her heart, seeking justice for the late star.

“All this in a country where my little brother’s killer still hasn’t been found even though the police have a VIDEO of the shooting. Car registration and everything. And I’m expected to believe that this is them doing their jobs?” Lamiez said reacting to a video of the Police Minister General Bheki Cele.

“Two weeks after Tshego was brutally murdered and no arrests have been made yet. Like the animal really gets to spend Christmas with his family whilst we mourn our loved one?! And yes, everything was caught on camera but nothing! Our justice system? A joke,” she added.


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