5 old-fashioned flirting tips that still work



Flirting has changed with time, especially after online dating came into precedence during the pandemic.

Old-fashioned walks beside the lake, with hands intertwined and telling each other how amazing it was to be in each other’s presence, was the good, old-time of flirting.

But now, it has been replaced with cheesy pickup lines and emojis that set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

But, take a look at these old fashioned flirting tips that still have good chances of working.

1. Kissing the hand

You can kiss your partner’s hand gently and this show of affection can show that they’re really interested in you. A kiss is a very pure show of sincerity and affection and is a very sweet form of flirting.

2. Compliments

Compliments are always the way to go, when you’re trying to impress someone. Offering them a simple, “you look beautiful” or “it feels amazing to be here with you” can do the trick. Showcase a genuine smile with a compliment, and you’re sure to bag your love!

3. Opening the door

Ladies absolutely love it when men open the door of the car or the restaurant for them. This chivalrous move is always a golden move that earns the men brownie points when it comes to flirting. And holding the chair when sitting down is another great way to flirt with someone in an old-fashioned way.

4. Walking on the busy side of the road

This is probably the cutest and purest show of love and attraction. When walking down a busy road, offering to walk on the busier side of the road so that your partner feels safe and secure is a great opportunity to flirt with them and let them know that you care.

5. Sharing food

This is a classic! Sharing food with your date will definitely give them an idea that you’re all in for being with them. This can be a very sweet gesture that shows how close you both want to get with each other.

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