6 mistakes that can hurt your b*east health



Good breast health is very necessary for a woman to avoid the risks of getting breast diseases, most particularly breast cancer.

But there are some common mistakes most women make without knowing that they contribute to the threats of breast diseases.

The following are some mistakes that can hurt your breast health:

1. Wearing the wrong bra size.

You will never feel good if you are not wearing the right bra size. Wearing a loose bra can lead to sagging and stretching of the breast while wearing a tight bra can block blood flow. It can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain.

2. Having a daily drink.

If you stick to the recommended 1-drink-per-day rule, then you don’t necessarily have cause for concern here. However, if you’re drinking 2,3, or more glasses of red wine in the name of getting ample resveratrol, it’s time to cut back. “That’s because drinking 2-3 alcoholic beverages daily can increase your breast cancer risk by as much as 20%.”

3. Waxing the nipple hair.

As per a study published by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, using a razor around the nipple area can lead to infection. Hair removal by any means can increase the risk of inflammation.

4. Not wearing a bra.

Make sure to wear a bra when you are stepping out for a run or a jog. Not giving your breast enough support can lead to severe pain and discomfort.

5. Excessive smoking and caffeine intake.

We all know smoking is injurious for our lungs and heart but it can also cause breast-related issues such as elasticity loss, sagging, increased risk of breast cancer,r, and breast tenderness.

6. Not keeping track of your weight.

According to researchers, women who have BMI (body mass index) more than 25 are considered obese and have greater chances of developing breast diseases in comparison to women having a balanced weight.